“Each age finds its own technique”.

Jackson Pollock


/tek-spresh-uh-niz-uh m/
An artistic approach in which technology is utilized as a means to express emotional experience.

(source: Oxford Dictionaries):

A style of painting, music, or drama in which the artist or writer seeks to express emotional experience rather than impressions of the external world.

The application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes, especially in industry.


A primary goal is to establish Techspressionism as a term of art-historical nomenclature.  The intent is to use the term to reference artworks in which digital technology is employed with subjective intent within a fine-art context, as opposed to broader terminology such as “digital art” which also encompasses work created within the context of mass-market animated movies and video games.

A core group of artists have begun working together to develop momentum for the adoption of this term through the establishment of a working group involved in the planning of an international juried exhibition opening in Spring 2021, to be followed by a physical exhibition in 2022.  A brief history of Techspressionism how this group came together is here.


Some definitive ideas are outlined in the current iteration of the Techspressionist Manifesto, a document that draws inspiration from artistic manifestos of the past, including Marinetti’s Futurist Manifesto and Breton’s Surrealist Manifesto.  This document is open-ended and subject to ongoing revisions from group members.

We encourage interested artists who identify with the approach of using technology as a means to express emotional experience to to self-identify as Techspressionists by utilizing the hashtag #techspressionismon Instagram and other social media platforms and to submit work to our upcoming exhibition.