Tikoi has been using double exposure photography techniques
with his iPhone to create imaginative works of art that combine
silhouetted portraits of people with images of nature and landscapes.
The results are some truly magical, atmospheric and abstract artwork.

Andy Butler
Mobiography Magazine

Artwork by series

Daily Doubles. 365 days of double exposures taken from my daily life

Take Tree

Sticks n Bones
An ongoing project of double and multiple exposures with sticks and roots.

King of plants

By the Pond


Multiple exposures made with a homemade pinhole camera.
Consisting of a soup can, with the film on a circular holder in the center
and six holes around it to make your exposures.

Public space
Project in the tunnel to Weesp Aetsveld, April 2016.
Created eight double exposures with students of the local high school.
These images were printed and glazed on tiles by Maatwerktegels, in that way becoming part of the tunnel.

Live Instagram feed

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